The sad decline of PFT’s comments section.

Finally having had enough of the ridiculous ‘moderation’ team at PFT I figured I would create a blog post here that could be replied to if someone was of a mind to.  It is sad what has happened to what used to be one of the better football comments sections on the web.  It’s become pretty obvious that troll posts are green lit but considered responses that might engender discussion or shame them into moving on are deleted in the interest of driving return clicks.  It is not outside the realm of possibility that many of the troll posts may actually be the PFT ‘staff’ themselves masquerading as fans.  The sheer volume of posts allowed from obvious, and in some cases acknowledged, sock puppet accounts alone makes a compelling argument that is the case.  After all, any regular poster there knows that their legitimate posts face at least a 4 out of 5 chance of being deleted on a good day and there is little point in posting anything intelligent that is longer than 2 sentences between 2:00-7:00 pm eastern yet while those responses are gone as fast as the folks worth hearing from click submit the troll posts continue to flow unabated.  Infantile name calling is sure to make the editing grade but an invitation for a quality discussion guarantees deletion.  The objective of the moderation efforts seems to be to generate angry return clicks so we can read the troll posts hurling insults.  That ill mannered drivel is found most everywhere on the web but that makes it all the more disappointing that it’s now a daily  occurrence at PFT where it used to only be an occasional one.  That the contact us option on the site has been disabled is certainly quite telling as well.